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At Unicorn, young and experienced staff work cooperatively in the chain creating healthy ingredients for various applications. We feed more than 150 million people worldwide; in doing so, Unicorn contributes to producing sustainable and healthy food. For more than 100 years we have been working passionately at creating a healthy and better food experience. At Unicorn, we embrace the functional qualities that grains, seeds and legumes have to offer. We are the specialist in processing these natural raw materials into versatile applications.

With our extensive experience and raw material, processing and application know-how, we will join forces with you and your team to develop market products that are trendsetting, purely natural and of excellent quality.

Based on expertise and co-creation, we supply specialties for a sustainable and healthy food experience.

We are proud of our product knowledge, which is the result of decades of careful learning and experience. We collaborate with renowned domestic and international universities, research institutes and companies, producing research that is process-oriented as well as product and application-focused. If desired, our specialists and our innovation team can conduct trials, tests and research for you, also at your location.

At the same time we are always looking for innovations, new products and new applications. For example, we recognised and explored the possibilities of highly nutritious products (like quinoa, spelt, durum, Kamut, barley and einkorn wheat) even before they became a hype, and seized the opportunity to process them into new concepts. We preferably do that in collaboration with our clients and with other knowledge institutes, in an open yet confidential atmosphere. This co-creation provides a continuous flow of innovative and excellent products, service and know-how and prepares you and us and you for tomorrow’s trends. Our passion is the creation of a healthy and better food experience.

At Unicorn Grain Specialties we use the power of nature to create the healthiest food experience for our customers.

More than ever before, consumers want to know about the effect of ingredients on their health and on the environment. They make informed decisions. This has boosted the demand for sustainable, natural and fair products – made with respect for people, animals and the environment. The production methods at Unicorn Grain Specialties meet that demand and consumers’ legitimate wishes.

For example, we only use natural raw materials. Our production processes are designed to have a minimal impact on nature. We produce honest raw materials for clean labels. This enables us to fulfil a sustainable role in our evolving food chain.