CEO Pieter Spanjers on a healthier and sustainable world

//CEO Pieter Spanjers on a healthier and sustainable world

CEO Pieter Spanjers on a healthier and sustainable world

Kennedy’s Bakery Production magazine has recently published an article in which CEO Pieter Spanjers tells about the pursuit of a healthier and sustainable world. Unicorn’s growth platforms and latest innovation are also being discussed.


As Pieter Spanjers, CEO of Uni­corn Grain Specialties explains, each day over 150 million ind­ividuals worldwide eat its products.

He explained that the company has embraced the functional qualities that grains, seeds and legumes have to offer.
Mr Spanjers said: “We are the spe­cialist in processing these natural raw materials into versatile applications in the food, eco/organic, health-conscious and traditional food markets.
Unicorn’s goal is to put more pas­sion and expertise into enriching our ingredients every day, and to contribute substantively to realising a sustainable food chain.

“lncreasingly often, Unicorn Grain Specialties is getting involved in the further development of our customers’ products. From our capacity as a sup­plier of plant-based ingredients, we are growing into a more pro-active role as knowledge partner. As a result, Unicorn needs to continuously reinvent itself as an organisation and must master “Sales 2.0”. lt is our pleasure to go further than the tired old sales motto “you ask, we deliver”. We are acutely aware of our long-term responsibility to provide healthy nutrition that is grown and pro­cessed in a sustainable fashion.

“For that reason, we are committed to asking questions when we sell our products: we want to – and must – learn the “why” behind every order. What are our customers trying to achieve; what do their customers want; what can we learn from objective market research; what are he current trends and what kind of intro­ductions are appropriate for them; which of our own specialities can best achieve those desired results; and what products must we develop in order to respond to tomorrow’s consumer demands?”
He added that Unicorn distinguishes between two different development plat­forms, namely: “Understanding texture” and “enhancing nutrition.”

According to Mr Spanjers, a key ex­ample of a project from Understanding Texture is its new, 100% natural BiTex Tenderness concept, which makes it possible to precisely control the degree of softness and “fresh feel” of your healthy fresh bread.
The company is currently in the process of identifying partners in the bakery branch to help it further roll out this concept. ldeally, these partners will be open to knowledge exchange as well, because we have the next batch of texture solutions ready and waiting.”

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