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It is in our nature to connect to texture:
BiTex Functional Flour

We think in texture, understand texture, breathe texture. On the basis of sensory evaluation and scientific analyses, we have mapped out the language of texture. With our ingredients, we can now let texture work exactly as we want, including specifically for your products. Our objective is to enable you to reach consumers even better where it really matters: with the creation of a distinctive taste experience. This market-oriented connection of nature to texture makes us unique and these functional ingredients have a name: BiTex Functional Flour.

BiTex Functional Flour are a combination of various heat-treated flour, which are tailor-made to influence the texture of a product.
We have a wide variety of BiTex Functional Flour available and the range is based on purely natural ingredients.

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Texture profiles help appropriately classify savoury snacks

Unicorn Grain Specialties has identified and developed 22 unique texture profiles in its ‘language of texture.’ Each descriptor has its own textural property, such as the descriptors ‘crispiness,’ ‘airiness’ and ‘meltability’.
The targeted use of these properties in the right dosage provides a unique taste experience. Through our BiTex Functional Flour, we can give these texture characteristics to each type of savoury snack, and soon, fine bakery products, too. Our language of texture is the first of its kind. It allows us to guarantee tailor-made ingredients for each client and each product.

The right experience in taste, touch and feel, right from the very start

Once the desired taste experience has been mapped out, our experts can – through the addition of the appropriate BiTex Functional Flour – realise this experience directly and precisely for you, in a fully customised manner. Unicorn thereby provides a unique form of cooperation in which we speed up your development process and save considerably on costs.
Unicorn is your knowledge specialist in the field of texture. We monitor the consumers of tomorrow. We understand the preferences of your consumers and know how to translate them into the right texture.

We think with you to develop the right texture and deliver these ingredients; to give your food the exact desired taste, touch and feel.
With BiTex Functional Flour, we create the right taste experience that actually lives up to – and ideally surpasses – consumer expectations.

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BiTex Functional Flour