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The past decade has seen a strong growth in the popularity of snacks for dogs and other pets, with a large variety of new offerings. Food engineers are searching for natural binding agents with high functionality for making a tough but chewable product. Moisture and softeners like glycerine are bound in the formulation using PetFlour Wheat/Rice/Corn. Precooking gives these types of flour high instant binding properties. Aside from this functionality, the PetFlour products are easily digested by the animals.

We have been producing for the international market – including yours – for decades. As a result, you enjoy the advantage of competitive pricing and of our many years of product and market knowledge. Our quality pays off.

The special PetFlour ingredients are produced at Unicorn Grain Specialties and are composed of a dried, heat treated flour. Drying the flour ensures enzyme inactivation and sanitation. In addition, the adaptable drying process makes it possible for the humidity in the flour to be regulated. When extruding the flour the carbohydrate granules are drawn out of their original structure. This ensures that the carbohydrate can swell in cold water and that the flour can also disperse in cold water.

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