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Unicorn Grain Specialties is a specialist in naturally processed grains. In the early 1990s, we were the first company to offer industrial level expanded grains produced through pressure cooking.

Since then, Unicorn Grain Specialties has accumulated unprecedented knowledge about the process, and a highly varied number of international grain processing food producers, eco-organic, health food and traditional food markets benefit from our PRESCO FOOD programme. Sound nutrition, convenience and health are essential and decisive factors.
The accumulated textures of different expansions offer optimal market opportunities, particularly in these bio-critical times. Consumers are right to carefully examine product ingredients/nutrition labels. They opt for products with natural and healthy ingredients, preferably without artificial additives and (yet) with an optimal taste experience – products that are preferably as fresh as possible and, of course, consistent in quality.
The Presco Food-product portfolio fully meets these high expectations. Moreover, with Presco Food, Unicorn Grain Specialties has distinguished itself internationally for many years through the very high level of uniformity of the expanded grains it supplies. This constant quality ensures that our clients receive no unexpected quality deviations. We were the first and have remained the best at this.
The diverse applications of Presco Food find their way into meal components, breakfast cereals, cereal bars full of energy and bread in general. Not only because of their distinctive textural properties, but also because of their often soft touch and feel, decorative look and their relatively uncomplicated processing.

The original nutritional values are optimally retained thanks to the 100% natural Presco Food-treatment.

Via the unique Presco Food grain starch unlocking process, the food becomes easier to digest and the abundant presence of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibres are absorbed into the body more rapidly. Energy bars are especially benefited by this property.

Although the products are processed at locations where gluten is present, we can, if desired, also produce low-gluten Presco Food versions (<200 ppm) in clean-rooms. These can contribute to an as a gluten-free diet as possible.

Unicorn Grain Specialties is a partner who thinks and cooperates with you. Because of our size and extensive experience with the puffing process, we provide the most comprehensive range of puffed grains with various bulk densities, including many organic varieties.


Unicorn Grain Specialties anticipates the food trends of tomorrow with its Presco food range. A widely available rich diversity of healthy, fresh, safe and natural food. This is perfectly in line with the growing demand for our applications with authentic ancient grains like spelled, quinoa, Kamut Khorasan wheat, teff, einkorn wheat, emmer, durum wheat and many other cereals. We’re the pioneers when it comes to consumer trends.

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Presco Food range