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The UniFlour product line of natural functional flour is based on grains, seeds and legumes, and is available in different granulations with narrowly defined particle size distributions. UniFlour products are widely used as a replacement ingredient for calf milk. UniFlour products are also excellent for the production of pet food treats and for pressed pellets for the cattle industry. This is because of the excellent pressing properties of UniFlour® when using extrusion technology.

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The texturizers are usually wheat-based, but can also be based on other cereals or legumes, such as peas, for example.

The special UniFlour ingredients made by Unicorn Grain Specialties are composed of a dried, heat-treated flour. Drying of the flour ensures enzyme inactivation and sanitation. In addition, the moisture content of the flour can be regulated by drying the flour until the desired moisture content is achieved. When the flour is extruded, the starch granules are pulled from their original structure.
This ensures that the starch can swell in cold water and the flour also is dispersible in cold water.

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