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Unicorn understands texture

We demonstrate our deep understanding of texture on a daily basis. It has become our mission to assign the right texture characteristics to each type of savoury snack, fine bakery, meal component, cereals, granola bars, bread and batter. This ‘tailor-made texture’, which is delivered through a unique combination of heat-treated flour, has been given a name: BiTex Functional Flour.

In addition, we are experts in naturally processed grains. Our Presco Food range includes a uniquely broad portfolio of puffed grains with a very high level of uniformity. Its many applications enrich the likes of cereals, breads and pastries, granola bars, meal components, beverages and confectioneries. In addition to our wheat products (soft or durum), rye, barley, rice and maize, our ancient grains portfolio completes the range with spelt, einkorn wheat and emmer, Kamut Khorasan wheat, sorghum, millet and quinoa. Most of our products are offered in both conventional and organic form, without any additives.

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