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BiTex UniProteins Batters

The demand for convenience food products is rising. This includes crispy snacks based on meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and potatoes. Due to increasing diversity, manufacturers and producers of batter mixes are searching for high quality ingredients to control binding, viscosity and water absorption. Unicorn Grain Specialties has developed BiTex Texturizers that give a specific functionality to the various batters. Unicorn’s Texturizers give perfect control over these parameters.

Types of batters

A batter is a liquid mix products are dipped into, before a layer of (bread)crumbs is possibly applied.
There are three types of batters:

  1. Clear coatings are diluted batters that are invisible on the substrate after preparation. They are applied to frozen products, such as French fries and potato wedges, to enhance crispiness and also often act as a carrier for spices and other ingredients.
  2. Tempura batters are the outer layer of the end product. The tempura layer is fixed around the product by deep frying or cooking in the oven.
  3. Adhesion batters create a binding layer between the substrate and, typically, a breadcrumb layer. They must adhere well to the substrate and ensure that the breadcrumbs remain attached to the product.

Unicorn Grain Specialties has developed BiTex Texturizers that give a specific functionality to the various batters.

BiTex Texturizers for batters:

  • bind optimally to the substrate;
  • have a standardised viscosity;
  • form a homogenous layer of controllable thickness;
  • are shear stable and retain their viscosity during processing.
  • are highly resistant to microbial spoilage;
  • stiffen completely and brown evenly during baking or frying;
  • give a crunchy bite.


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