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All types of cereals can be puffed with the Presco-process. The grains are pretreated, and are therefore an ideal ingredient in wholemeal bread or bread with increased fibres.

Assortment Presco Food: puffed grains in bread


Because the grains have been pretreated, they don’t have to be soaked before usage. They can easily be added at the kneading-step. Because of the specific texture, you can dose less than native (pre-soaked) cereals, to get the right mouthfeel when consuming the bread.


Unicorn Grain Specialties has a broad range of Presco Food cereals for application in bread. We offer different kinds of cereals, but also (depending on your baking-process) different expansion rates.

Advantages of using Presco Puffed Cereals:

  • easy-to-use – no presoaking – just use what you need
  • lower dosage, in comparison to native grains
  • more hygienic procedure (soaking not necessary)
  • gives a tender structure and good mouthfeel in bread
  • grains remain recognizable and keep the same shape after the Presco-treatment

Unicorn’s Presco range for bread applications:

  • various kinds of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, spelt, quinoa, millet and sweetcorn
  • as whole kernel or broken
  • organic and conventional
  • different expansion rates


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