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There are fewer people these days who start their day with bread. Instead, people are alternating between fibre drinks, cereals and fruit. When it comes to healthy variation, this is a good thing. Breakfast cereals are still gaining popularity and various types of (coated) puffed cereals may be used in their production. Unicorn Grain Specialties supplies Presco Food puffed grains to producers of breakfast cereals worldwide.

Breakfast cereals are still gaining popularity

Granola is a popular breakfast. It looks like muesli, but it is baked in the oven. Granola can be consumed together with yoghurt, milk or soy milk. It can also serve as a topping for various types of cakes, cookies and desserts.

The puffed grains from our extensive Presco Food portfolio have proven to be excellent
ingredients for the production of healthy and natural granolas.


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