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French pastry products are consumed all over the world. Éclairs are a favourite with lots of people, typically topped with chocolate and filled with cream. Traditionally these products pastries are made by cooking flour in butter followed by the addition of whole egg. The resulting batter is then baked into the desired shape. The cooking step is sensitive in processing. This can be avoided by the application of a precisely selected choice of precooked cereal flour.

For the baker’s convenience instant flour mixes have been developed. The latest development of Unicorn Grain Specialties is a fully optimised instant flour named BiTex 11902. The cooking step has been removed; BiTex 11902 can be blended with butter or shortening and egg. A choice of leavening agents can be added to achieve the desired volume. The resulting choux pastry has a good volume, fleshy texture and shiny appearance.


Choux pastry should have a hollow structure within a light thin crust enabling the product to be filled with whipped cream and other fillings. If making éclairs they should have a short bite and texture, a good volume and a shiny surface.


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