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Cereal bars are very popular due to the continuing ‘snacks on the go’ trend. Unicorn Grain Specialties is your perfect partner in innovations. Our extensive Presco Food range has proven to be an excellent ingredient in combination with flakes, fruits or in your ‘however you like it’ muesli bar. Unicorn, the expert in texture, is presenting new expanded grains in its Presco Food range for savoury snacks, confectionery and bakery applications. Amongst others, ancient grains, such as spelt, quinoa, Kamut Khorasan wheat, einkorn and emmer wheat are available in all natural and clean label versions and support organic as well.


Granola bars look like traditional muesli bars, but have been baked. This brings more taste and gives you the possibility of a crunchy snack.
Our well-expanded Presco cereals have been proven to be excellent ingredients combined with flakes, fruits or however you would like to ‘style’ your granola.


The production of granola bars is easy. Just mix the dry ingredients to a homogeneous mixture – add a binding agent (often a fat- and sweetening ingredient or our own BiTex Binder) – form into a sheet – bake the product – cool down – cut into bars of desired shape and size.


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