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Direct Expanded snacks are made by high shear cooking extrusion, followed by coating with vegetable oil and flavours. They are available in many shapes, colours, and flavours and based on a wide range of raw materials, mainly cereals. Maize semolina is highly suitable for the production of direct expanded snacks. Potato flakes and sometimes modified starches are used for the adjustment of texture and creating a potato flavour. Unicorn offers functional wheat-, rice and maize flour, which can be used as an alternative.


To be able to have control over the pore size and mouthfeel the raw materials have to be standardised. The final product should be soluble in the mouth without stickiness. To have more control concerning texture and structure Unicorn Grain Specialties offers a range of products based on different cereal flours that have been hydrothermally treated in various ways.
An additional advantage of the use of BiTex Functional Flour is that this will result in an increased production capacity.


BiTex 12502 &  11402 regulate the process of direct expanded snacks and bring control over texture and mouthfeel of the snack.

  • Control over the texture of the snacks: light crispy without stickiness
  • Increased production capacity
  • Economic advantages as substitute for modified potato starch and potato flakes
  • Clean label, E-number free, 100% natural products, non-GMO


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