Sheeted Tortillas

Sheeted Tortillas 2019-01-10T13:06:05+02:00

The Tex-Mex cuisine has been growing widely in popularity over the past decade. Tortilla chips are the reference for consumers in this respect. Unicorn Grain Specialties developed a tailored product for this market where taste, texture and functionality are of high importance. BiTex 12501 is defined as a highly suitable product in tortilla chip production.


Tortilla chips are produced by making a dough based on masa (nixtamalised corn flour) followed by sheeting, shaping and frying. A good flexible and elastic sheet is desired and ingredients should be tasty and deliver a good texture. BiTex 12501 is produced from selected non-GMO corn and processed into an instant flour, which provides the desired characteristics in a natural way.

BiTex 12501 in tortillas:

  • Brings a good sheetability and a good flexible sheet
  • Brings the option to adjust the texture of the tortilla to a more crispy product
  • Brings a good cooked corn flavour
  • Is a natural whole grain source
  • Is derived from non-GMO European corn
  • Can be gluten free

BiTex 11504 in tortillas:

  • Brings control over texture


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