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Unicorn Grain Specialties has developed a range of functional ingredients based on a number of selected hydrothermal treated cereal flours. In traditional formulations for snack pellets the Unicorn BiTex range gives the possibility to have control over texture development, cost efficiency and end-product quality.


By adjusting the formulation and replacing the potato flakes and granules by functional flour, there will be a positive impact on the texture of the snack. The resulting snacks will be low in acrylamide as the BiTex range doesn’t contain any chemical precursors for acrylamide formation.

The BiTex Product range for snack pellets

BiTex 11504

  • Control over texture: Brings a more fluffy, foamy texture
  • White in colour, low in reducing sugars
  • Has a neutral wheat taste
  • Extremely low in acrylamide end-products
  • Non-GMO, clean labelling

BiTex 13501

  • Control over texture: Brings a nice light and crispy texture. Clean bite.
  • Very low flavour profile, blend in a natural flavour
  • White in colour
  • Low in acrylamide
  • Non-GMO, clean labelling


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