Understanding Texture & Enhancing Nutrition

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Understanding Texture & Enhance Nutrition

When it comes to the functional application of grains, seeds and legumes, Unicorn is a specialist in many different fields. We are experts on two fields in particular – if we do say so ourselves – these being texture and nutritional value. This expertise allows us to develop natural ingredients for the food, pet food and feed market that are successful on an international scale.

Understanding Texture

We have developed a language comprised of terms that accurately describe the effect that texture has on food experience. Using this texture language, you will instantly understand what a new or existing product does and recognise its added value. Understanding texture means speaking and thinking in texture.

Crystal clear about texture

Our knowledge of texture, our unique language of texture and our knowledge of consumer preferences make Unicorn Grain Specialties the perfect partner for your product developers. We are a partner who understands what appeals to consumers. A partner who thinks with you from the very first stage. A partner in concept and product development.
We believe you can only successfully market new products if you have an understanding of texture; if you understand exactly what effect your product has on the consumer food experience; if you can describe the texture effect and can communicate it; and if you can translate all these elements into improved or brand new products.
Can you? Together with Unicorn Grain Specialties, you sure can!

What makes Unicorn Grain Specialties the number one texture specialist?

We are your expert in texture. Unicorn Grain Specialties invests a lot of time, energy and money in research into texture, and approach that has made us pioneers. We possess scientifically accumulated knowledge. We have developed a language to describe different textures. We have also scientifically researched what products consumers prefer.
Together with you, Unicorn Grain Specialties is subsequently able to optimise existing product textures and develop new concepts. This allows you to seduce and surprise the consumer, and gives you a winning hand.

A crisp, unique language of texture for salty snacks

We believe that identifying the right texture is a decisive factor in the success of any food product. As such, it is important to be able to discuss texture.
Unicorn Grain Specialties has developed a unique language of texture that perfectly describes different textures.

Understanding Texture

Step 1: Professional ‘sensory panel’

It started with the collection of dozens of different snacks throughout Europe, each one a product with its own strong consumer preference. We broke down, tested and analysed those products. We submitted them to the professional ‘sensory panel’ belonging to the Dutch company Essensor; a professional panel of 12 experts who specialise in testing food products.

Step 2: Scientifically sound approach

The sensory panel precisely recorded how they performed the tests, ensuring that the tests could be repeated and were therefore conducted scientifically. They eventually came up with 20 different ‘descriptors’ or descriptions of the texture profile of each individual product.

Step 3: Clear language

Unicorn Grain Specialties processed the descriptions into a language that describes the effect of ingredients on the texture of a product. This constitutes a unique method, which makes it possible to easily discuss textures (something that could already be done with regard to flavour). We can think with you and discuss texture, as well as your wishes about the effect you want to achieve with consumers.

Step 4: An inspiring texture map

We have summarised our unique language of texture in a texture map: a three-dimensional map with 20 different definitions of what a product does to the mouth, which goes beyond taste alone. How is it experienced? Is it sticky or crunchy? Does it melt quickly? It is crispy and airy? Is it easy to eat? And more.
Unicorn Grain Specialties’ texture map is a source of inspiration for conversations about texture, characteristics and differences, and wishes and ideas. We use it to achieve the type of texture you are looking for, which we can subsequently make using our ingredients and your production facilities.


Unicorn has carried out nutritional studies for its customers for many years that exactly describe the effect of the nutritional value of its products. This experience and know-how enables you to immediately understand what a new product does, and its added value is instantly clear. Understanding food means thinking and talking in terms of nutrition.

Texture & Nutrition

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