BiTex Development Center

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The BiTex Development Center

For inspiration, advice and the best consumer testing, please visit our BiTex Development Center. Here, we contemplate, feel, taste and create the perfect texture for the food market of tomorrow.

We do so based on the power of co-creation. With that in mind, we established our BiTex Development Center, where our specialists work with you to investigate and optimise the texture of your product. It is the place where we transfer our knowledge of texture to the world of savoury snacks and fine bakery products of today and tomorrow. We realise that our knowledge is what distinguishes us. Yet we also believe that sharing knowledge will bring us further. We are happy to share our expertise with you.

With the insights we gain as a knowledge partner in collaboration with you, we can achieve the right innovative texture developments.
On request, we also conduct high-quality preference testing and (internal) triangle tests.

Unicorn is happy for its knowledge to be the foundation of your success!
We enjoy using our passion, knowledge and expertise to optimise your existing product textures and develop new concepts. This allows you to repeatedly surprise consumers with a healthy and sustainable food experience.

Planned remodeling BiTex Development Center 2017 – 2018