FoodIngredientsFirst interviewt Commercieel Directeur René Coenen

//FoodIngredientsFirst interviewt Commercieel Directeur René Coenen
  • René Coenen

FoodIngredientsFirst interviewt Commercieel Directeur René Coenen

FoodIngredientsFirst interviewde onze Commercieel Directeur, René Coenen, over de investering in het BiTex Development Center, onze unieke textuurtaal en de komst van interessante nieuwe productontwikkelingen: “Protein enrichment is an area where we see great potential.”

FoodIngredientsFirst caught up with Unicorn’s commercial director René Coenen at the Headquarters of Unicorn Grain Specialties B.V. based in the Netherlands. Coenen explained the arrival of interesting new product developments, the company’s investment in the BiTex Development Center as well as Unicorn Grain’s unique language of texture used in its “Texture Map”. This map shows 20 different definitions of how a product delights the senses of the mouth, posing questions like “Is it sticky or crunchy? “Does it melt quickly?” Is it easy to eat?” and many more.

Unicorn Grain is also a leading expert in naturally processed grains with its Presco Food range including a uniquely broad portfolio of puffed grains with a very high level of uniformity. This has many applications to enrich the likes of cereals, breads and pastries, granola bars and meal components.

“We see trends in the market such as natural, clean label, health & wellness, protein fortification, and of course the rising demand for protein enriched foods like snacks for example,” says Coenen, who has been with the company since 2014.

“We have a BiTex production line here that is based on the protein enriched process, and we are currently working on a wider program of heat treated pulse flour,” he adds. The BiTex line is relatively new, with Unicorn starting to use the trademark name for its functional flour at the beginning of 2017. 

Coenen notes: “It can be either heat treated or extruded and flour can come from grains or pulses. It can be used in applications such as bakery, snacks and breakfast cereals. In terms of functional flours, there is a focus in bakery, snacks and fine bakery alongside applications for batters, soups and sauces.”

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